Monthly Archives: July 2011

Kulima provides inputs on vulnerability to the Adaptation Academy

Net-Map Toolbox

Katharine Vincent and Tracy Cull are in Cape Town for the third run of the foundation course of the Global Climate Adaptation Partnership Adaptation Academy.  The four week, full time course provides insights into climate change science and applied aspects of adaptation, aimed at practitioners from around the world.  Kulima led sessions on vulnerability and the use of vulnerability indicators for decision-making, as well as the use of Eva Schiffer’s Net-Map Toolbox for mapping social networks of adaptation actors (pictured).

Kulima collaborates with FAO to investigate sustainability of short-cycle seeds

Kulima is collaborating with FAO to assess the sustainability of a project distributing short-cycle seeds in Madagascar, Mozambique and Malawi.  The Food Security and Disaster Risk Reduction project, funded by the European Union (ECHO/DIPECHO) has distributed short-cycle seed varieties with the aim of improving food security in the context of exposure to floods and cyclones.  In Madagascar, the X265 and “Mihary” rice varieties mature in 90 days, compared with 120 days for traditional seeds.  This means that farmers can produce two crops per year, instead of just one, and the likelihood of crops being destroyed by cyclones just prior to harvest is reduced, thereby ensuring food security in the following season.