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Kulima director in Zambia to start process of mainstreaming development plans

groupworkDr Katharine Vincent is in Lusaka this week to work with the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience in the process of mainstreaming climate resilience into development plans. In 2015, working with a local consultant, she trained Climate Resilience and Adaptation Facilitators in the process of undertaking gender-sensitive climate risk assessments in communities. This assignment looks to create a supportive institutional and planning framework for climate resilience. Guidelines for mainstreaming climate resilience into development plans will be produced, and the process of mainstreaming selected District Development Plans and Integrated Development Plans in the Barotse floodplain will be undertaken in 2017.

Kulima director in Malawi to undertake research for UMFULA project

meeting Met ServicesDr Katharine Vincent is in Blantyre and Lilongwe this week to undertake research for UMFULA. The "Uncertainty Reduction in Models for Understanding Development Applications" (UMFULA) project is part of the Future Climate for Africa programme, and concerned with climate services in Africa. UMFULA is working with partners in the public and private sectors in Malawi and Tanzania to determine how climate information can inform planning in the agriculture and water sectors at a variety of levels. The purpose of the visit is to undertake institutional and capacity assessment, and to investigate the political economy of decision-making contexts.

Kulima director in Maputo to facilitate stocktaking workshop on climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction

ACCRADr Katharine Vincent is in Maputo this week, working with Save the Children UK to facilitate a stocktaking workshop on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction activities. As the Mozambique lead for the Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance (ACCRA), Save the Children UK has been undertaking various awareness raising and capacity building activities around climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction, and promoting their integration in development planning, at both national and sub-national level. They developed a participatory process which government then used to facilitate the production of Local Adaptation Plans, the first of which was produced for Guija district in the flood-prone Gaza province. The workshop brings together government and non-governmental stakeholders to assess progress to date and identify future directions and priorities for climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction activities in Mozambique.

ADAPT-PLAN project document for Malawi submitted to Global Environment Facility

CPC SalimaThe ADAPT-PLAN project document for Malawi has been submitted to the Global Environment Facility in application for Least Developed Countries Fund monies. ADAPT-PLAN integrates adaptation into development planning through establishing an institutional structure that incentivises the incorporation of adaptive activities in district level planning (using three pilot districts) and within national level planning in the agriculture, water and forestry sectors. The project was initiated by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Management as part of its implementation of the forthcoming climate change policy, and is facilitated by UNDP, who led the production of the project document with technical inputs from Kulima Integrated Development Solutions.