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Kulima director in Zambia to train on mainstreaming climate resilience into Integrated Development Plans

training workshop in MonguDr Katharine Vincent is in Mongu in Zambia this week to run a training course on mainstreaming climate resilience into Integrated Development Plans. Integrated Development Plans are spatial planning documents lasting 10 years which are developed by all districts. As part of the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience seven districts in Western Province, together with national and provincial planning staff from the Ministry of Local Government and Housing and the Ministry of Development Planning, are being trained on the process of mainstreaming climate resilience into the planning process. This follows on from earlier workshops to mainstream climate resilience into District and Ward Development Plans, and training on the process of Gender-sensitive Climate Risk Assessment.

Kulima director running climate resilience mainstreaming workshops in Zambia

mainstreaming workshopDr Katharine Vincent is in Zambia at the moment to run a series of climate resilience mainstreaming workshops. 14 districts in the Western and Southern provinces, forming part of the Barotse sub-basin of the Zambezi river, are mainstreaming their District and Ward Development Plans for climate resilience. Once this is complete, they will be able to apply for adaptation grants from the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience to support implementation of their activities. Demonstration workshops have been run for Kaoma, Nalolo and Sioma districts; and Simakumba, Muoyo and Mbeta wards.

Kulima director in Zambia to start process of mainstreaming development plans

groupworkDr Katharine Vincent is in Lusaka this week to work with the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience in the process of mainstreaming climate resilience into development plans. In 2015, working with a local consultant, she trained Climate Resilience and Adaptation Facilitators in the process of undertaking gender-sensitive climate risk assessments in communities. This assignment looks to create a supportive institutional and planning framework for climate resilience. Guidelines for mainstreaming climate resilience into development plans will be produced, and the process of mainstreaming selected District Development Plans and Integrated Development Plans in the Barotse floodplain will be undertaken in 2017.

Kulima director in Malawi for inception of Future Climate for Africa project

southern MalawiDr Katharine Vincent is in Malawi this week as the UMFULA team continues its research visit in southern Africa. The "Uncertainty Reduction in Models for Understanding Development Applications" (UMFULA) project is part of the Future Climate for Africa programme, and concerned with climate services in Africa. Project team members from the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, the University of Leeds and Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources are meeting with partners in the three southern districts of Thyolo, Nsanje and Chikwawa, and both private sector and government staff in the water and agriculture sectors. The purpose is to initiate the co-production process for developing and integrating climate services into planning, and to identify case study planning decisions on which to work during the project. 

Kulima director supporting gender training for CDKN in Cape Town

Cape Town city centreDr Katharine Vincent is in Cape Town this week to support gender training for the Climate and Development Knowledge Network staff based at SouthSouthNorth. The training is being run by Dr Virginie le Masson from the Overseas Development Institute as part of an overall initiative to improve gender integration in CDKN programming. The focus is on raising awareness of gender and how it affects climate-compatible development (and thus should be intergrated within project design and development); as well as improving gender-sensitivity within the organisation itself, and its policies and procedures. 

Kulima director in Zambia to work with Pilot Program for Climate Resilience

PPCR bannerDr Katharine Vincent is in Lusaka this week as part of the climate risk assignment with Zambia's Pilot Program for Climate Resilience. She is attending the PPCR annual meeting in Siavonga and will be working with the national consultant. Their role is to design and deliver a training of trainers to the NGOs in the Barotse sub-basin. The NGOs will be responsible for facilitating gender-sensitive participatory vulnerability and risk assessments in communities, and the identification and prioritisation of adaptation activities for inclusion in local level development planning. 

Kulima Director in Tunis to mainstream climate change in AfDB’s water and sanitation portfolio

African Development BankDr Katharine Vincent is in Tunis this week, working with the water and sanitation directorate at the African Development Bank to mainstream climate change into their portfolio. This assignment involves screening the current Africa-wide portfolio of water and sanitation projects for climate risks, and developing guidelines which must be followed in the development of future projects to ensure that their intended results will not be undermined by projected climate change, nor that they will inadvertently increase vulnerability. Training in the use of the developed guidelines will be provided to the relevant water and sanitation task managers at the end of the assignment.