Monthly Archives: January 2012

Kulima and International Development conduct a second round of climate change training at the African Development Bank

Dr Katharine Vincent has just returned from Tunis where she was part of a team conducting climate change training at the African Development Bank.  The training, focusing on the impacts of climate change on agriculture and natural resources, forms part of a series that has been designed and run by Kulima and International Development East Anglia as part of a project to raise awareness of climate change and development issues among African Development Bank staff at a variety of levels.  The first set of trainings, for Executive Directors and Senior Managers, was held in October 2011.

Dr Alec Joubert leaves Kulima to join Camco Global

Alec JoubertDr Alec Joubert has left Kulima to join Camco Global, based in Johannesburg.  We thank Alec for his commitment throughout 2011, and wish him well in his new position.

Kulima contributes to the South African Risk and Vulnerability Atlas spatial data portal

Kulima is contributing information on the human dimensions of weather and climate to the South African Risk and Vulnerability Atlas spatial data portal.  The portal is designed to complement the hard copy atlas, and provides spatial data arranged around several themes: agriculture, biodiversity, coasts and oceans, environmental health, water, human settlements, emissions and air quality, and weather and climate.  The weather and climate theme page contains weather and climate data (provided by CSIR), including the latest seasonal forecasts and climate change projections, together with examples of how South Africans use weather and climate information to inform their decision-making (provided by Kulima).  A recent summary of the theme page was published in the SARVA newsletter.