Monthly Archives: October 2012

Kulima director publishes book review in “Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change”

Dr Katharine Vincent has had a book review published in the peer-reviewed journal Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change.  The review is of Mike Robbins’ book “Crops and Carbon: Paying Farmers to Combat Climate Change.” The book examines options for carbon sequestration through the land (particularly the soil), as a complement to forests.  It is written in an accessible style and assumes no prior knowledge of either climate change or agricultural systems.  Robbins concludes that, despite significant uncertainties, payment for ecosystem services under REDD+ and the carbon market may indeed offer the opportunity to pay farmers to combat climate change, whilst simultaneously contributing to sustainable land management.

Dr Katharine Vincent in Buenos Aires for IPCC Lead Authors Meeting

Dr Katharine Vincent is currently in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the 3rd Lead Authors Meeting of IPCC Working Group 2 on Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation.  Katharine is serving as a lead author on chapter 9 – rural areas, and a contributing author on chapter 22 – Africa.  Ms Tracy Cull is serving as a contributing author on chapter 9 – rural areas.  The Fifth Assessment Report will be forthcoming in 2014.

Kulima delivers climate change training course for local government officials in Gaza province, Mozambique

Dr Katharine Vincent and Ms Tracy Cull are in Xai Xai, Mozambique this week, to deliver a two-day climate change training course to local government officials in Gaza province.  The training has been commissioned by the Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance, as part of their second phase of programming.  ACCRA is currently working in Guija district in Gaza province, and has found that, whilst there is enthusiasm for addressing climate change issues, effective engagement with the issues is severely impeded by lack of technical understanding and capacity.  It is hoped that this training course will enable climate change to be more effectively considered in sub-national planning and development processes.

A blog summarising the training was posted on the ACCRA website on 20th November 2012.

Kulima directors have paper accepted in Information Technologies and International Development

Dr Katharine Vincent and Ms Tracy Cull have had a paper accepted in the journal Information Technologies and International Development.  The paper will appear in the spring 2013 edition, volume 9, issue 1, and is entitled ‘”Ten Seeds” How mobiles have contributed to development in women-led farming cooperatives in Lesotho’.  It is based upon empirical research with people from the Bishop Allard Vocational School in Roma about how they have achieved development, empowerment and choice since being given 10 mobiles (the “ten seeds”) in 2008.  It also argues for a qualitative and longitudinal approach to evaluation of development interventions in order to get a more complete picture.

Kulima director invited to review a climate change project in Bangladesh for IFAD

Dr Katharine Vincent has recently completed an external review of the forthcoming Coastal Climate Resilient Infrastructure Project (CCRIP) in southwest Bangladesh.  Funded by the German Development Bank – KfW, Asian Development Bank and International Fund for Agricultural Development, the project aims to improve climate-resilient livelihoods in the impoverished and cyclone-exposed low-lying districts of southwest Bangladesh. It does this through three components: the first addressing transport infrastructure; the second addressing market development, and the third contributing to constructing and upgrading of cyclone shelters.