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Kulima and UNIQUE awarded GIZ contract on agricultural adaptation to climate change

Kulima Integrated Development Solutions and UNIQUE Forestry and Land Use have been awarded a GIZ contract on agricultural adaptation to climate change.  Forming part of GIZ’s programme of support to the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP), this project will develop 6 “best practices” on adaptation to climate change for smallholder farmers.  These will be elicited through collaboration with regional and national farmer organisations from across the African continent, combined with 3 regional thematic workshops.  This collaboration will build on links forged through the Africa Forum, organised by NEPAD to enable knowledge transfer through a variety of continental and regional platforms since 2009.  The ultimate aim is to use these best practices to inform national policy and raise the profile of agricultural adaptation on the international agenda.

Dr Katharine Vincent attends workshop in Mozambique as part of Leeds University CDKN project

Dr Katharine Vincent was invited to participate in a workshop in Mozambique for a CDKN-funded project implemented by Dr Lindsay Stringer, Professor Andy Dougill, and Dr Jen Dyer from the School of Earth and Environment at Leeds University.  The purpose of the workshop was to share emerging findings from the project on assessing institutional and governance partnerships for climate-compatible development in sub-Saharan Africa.  Representatives from the four project countries – Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe were present.  Kulima’s attendance was to identify synergies with our CDKN-funded project on the impacts of climate change on the health sector in Mozambique.

Coverage of Kulima director at CIF panel on engendering climate finance

Following yesterday’s panel on engendering climate finance at the CIF Partnership Forum, at which Ms Tracy Cull was an invited speaker, media coverage of the event is now available through the International Institute for Sustainable Development’s Earth Negotiations Bulletin.  The 6th November event summary cites Tracy as “urging improving outreach to community groups; incorporating indigenous knowledge; and gender-sensitive training and workshops. She said adaptation can be as innovative and entrepreneurial as mitigation.”  Other issues discussed included the possibility for small grants, using qualitative data, and showing that adaptation can be profitable.

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Ms Tracy Cull participates in an expert panel on gender and climate finance at the CIF Partnership Forum in Istanbul

CIF Partnership ForumMs Tracy Cull has been invited to be a guest speaker at a panel on “Innovations in Engendering Climate Finance”, taking place on 6th November at the Climate Investment Funds Partnership Forum in Istanbul, Turkey.  The CIF Partnership Forum is an opportunity for sharing experiences and good practices in the implementation of all CIF programmes (on clean technology, forest investments, climate resilience and scaling up renewable energy in low income countries).  The purpose of the panel discussion is to share and discuss experiences in mainstreaming gender at the operational level and to provide CIF teams and country partners with tools, resources and emerging practices for mainstreaming gender in their operations.