Monthly Archives: July 2018

New paper with inputs from Kulima “Documenting the state of adaptation for the global stocktake of the Paris Agreement”

A new opinion piece "Documenting the state of adaptation for the global stocktake of the Paris Agreement" has been published in WIREs Climate Change. The paper, by Emma Tompkins, Katharine Vincent, Robert Nicholls and Natalie Suckall, proposes a stocktaking approach to document the spectrum and prevalence of adaptation over large scales, as mandated by the global stocktake of the Paris Agreement. The stocktaking approach is based on a method used to develop inventories of adaptation in four deltas within the Deltas, Vulnerability and Climate Change: Migration and Adaptation (DECCMA) project. It involves four steps: (a) obtaining consensus on the objectives of adaptation; (b) agreeing the sources of evidence; (c) agreeing the search method; and (d) categorizing the adaptations.

New UMFULA paper released “Climate information needs in southern Africa: A review”

The Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy at the Grantham Research Institute of Climate Change and the Environment and the University of Leeds has released a new working paper as an output of the UMFULA project. Dr Katharine Vincent is an author of the working paper, entitled "Climate information needs in southern Africa. A review". The paper reviews the state of the landscape of available climate information, barriers to climate information use, and the climate information needs of different sectors in southern Africa. It draws on published literature, documentary evidence and primary research with decision makers in the Southern African Development Community.

Kulima director in Kisumu for meeting of the GCRF project “Building research capacity for sustainable water and food security in sub-Saharan Africa”

Dr Katharine Vincent is in Kisumu in Kenya this week to participate in the a meeting of the "Building research capacity for sustainable water and food security in sub-Saharan Africa" (BRECcIA) project. BRECcIA is a four year project funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) and led by the University of Southampton. It aims to develop research capacity across institutions in Malawi, Kenya and Ghana that is self-sustaining and focused on improving food and water security for the poorest of society. Katharine is a member of the strategic advisory board for the project.

New report on six good practices of agricultural adaptation in Africa by Kulima and UNIQUE forestry and landuse for GIZ

GIZ have launched a report "Agricultural adaptation: Six categories of good practices and technologies in Africa" that was led by Kulima and UNIQUE forestry and landuse. The report was produced as part of GIZ support to the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP). Over a two year preiod primary research was undertaken to document observed adaptations in various farming systems in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Togo and Zambia, as well as in South Africa. Six continent-wide good practices were then determined based on a transparent evaluation framework for good practices in agricultual adaptation, developed in early 2015.