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Future Climate For Africa and CDKN release guide on how to contribute climate change information to Wikipedia, with inputs from Kulima

Future Climate For Africa and CDKN have just released How to contribute climate change information to Wikipedia: A guide for researchers, practitioners and communicators. The guide, by Emma Baker, Lisa McNamara, Beth Mackay and Kulima director, Dr Katharine Vincent, builds on Africa's first Wikipedia edit-a-thon on climate change in Africa, held in August 2019. The guide targets researchers, practitioners, communicators and any others with access to climate change information who would like to share it more widely with the world. It outlines how to edit Wikipedia, along with tips and suggestions on style and structure, and guidance on how to get involved with the Wikipedia editing community.

Kulima participating in leadership training for African Academy of Sciences Future Leaders (FLAIR) Fellows

Kulima and START are collaborating with the African Academy of Sciences to run science leadership training for the Future Leaders-Africa Independent Research (FLAIR) fellows. The training, taking place last week and this week online in a variety of sessions, addresses how to uncover and nurture innate leadership potential. This involves combining insights into personality and emotional intelligence and how these can be used to effectively communicate, negotiate, pitch, network with insights on managing research and developing effective research career strategies.  

Kulima director attending Future Climate For Africa conference in Cape Town

Cape TownDr Katharine Vincent is in Cape Town this week, participating in the Future Climate For Africa (FCFA) conference. The conference will bring together representatives of the five projects under FCFA: IMPALA, AMMA-2050, Hy-CRISTAL, FRACTAL and UMFULA. On behalf of UMFULA Katharine will be facilitating a session on co-production with Anna Steynor from FRACTAL. She will also be presenting a poster "From a clean slate to multiple options: eliciting climate information in Malawi". The conference is followed by a workshop for early career researchers, in which Katharine will be leading a session on "Communicating Climate Research Findings".

Kulima director participating in workshop on climate information for development

Cape TownDr Katharine Vincent is in Cape Town this week for a workshop on communication, interpretation and use of climate information for development led by Professors Suraje Dessai (University of Leeds) and Coleen Vogel (University of the Witwatersrand). Katharine will act as a mentor alongside Drs Joe Daron, Admire Nyamwanza and Rachel James. The workshop brings together early career researchers from the UK and South Africa under the British Council Researcher Links programme, which aims to enable interaction, shared opportunities for learning, and the building of research links for future collaboration.

Kulima paper presented at Planet Under Pressure conference in London

Building on their recent collaborations, Kulima and CSIR are presenting a paper at this week’s Planet Under Pressure conference in London.  The paper, entitled “Bridging the Gap: Experiences of communicating climate information between producers and end-users in southern Africa”, highlights our experience in communicating information around climate change to humanitarian actors, through the development of a two-way dialogue highlighting needs and opportunities.  The paper forms part of a parallel session on “Making climate science useful: effective dialogue between climate scientists and humanitarian and development ‘end users'”.

START issues its 2012 call for grant awards: global environmental change, agriculture and food security

START, the global change SysTem for Analysis, Research and Training, has just announced the 2012 Call for Proposals (CFP) for Global Environmental Change (GEC) Research in Africa on the theme of global environmental change, agriculture and food security.  The 2012 round of GEC grants will build directly on the 2011 Africa GEC grants (http://start.org/programs/africangec) that focused on how climatic and environmental changes potentially impact ecosystem services critical to agriculture and food and livelihood security in arid, semi-arid, sub-humid, and humid environments as well as for communities dependent on coastal marine systems.

The deadline for submission of proposals is midnight (2400 hours), US Eastern Standard Time, on 28 March 2012 and all submissions should be submitted electronically to proposals@start.org (DOWNLOAD THE 2012 APPLICATION FORM HERE).  Kulima is particularly excited to see the criteria that successful proposals will contain a communications and outreach strategy.


Paper in Nature Climate Change points to need for boundary organisations

In a paper in Nature Climate Change published on 29 March 2011, Nick Pidgeon and Baruch Fischhoff make a compelling case for a more co-ordinated and integrated approach to communicating climate science.  Recognising the challenge that climate scientists face in explaining the risks and uncertainties surrounding potential climate change,  they suggest that “boundary organisations” are needed to bridge the gap between climate scientists and communication experts.

Kulima has also recognised this gap based on many years of experience working in the field of climate change in southern Africa.  Many of our current projects are based on us filling the role of a boundary organisation, working to translate scientific information, which we understand, into language that suits the needs of various end-user groups (policy-makers, decision-makers, the private sector) with whom we have experience of working.