Conway, D. and Vincent, K. (eds) 2021. Climate risk in Africa. Adaptation and Resilience. Palgrave (open access)



Briefing notes

Climate change impacts – implications for policy and practice in Tanzania’s Rufiji river basin

The current and future climate of central and southern Africa. What we have learnt and what it means for decision-making in Malawi and Tanzania

How can we improve the use of information for a climate-resilient Malawi?

Designing a process for assessing climate resilience in Tanzania’s Rufiji river basin

Projecting water availability in Lake Malawi and the Shire River basin

Policy coherence for sustainable development in sub-Saharan Africa

Climate models: What they show us and how they can be used in planning

How to understand and interpret global climate model results

Gender, agriculture and climate change in Malawi


Country climate profile – Malawi

Summary (2 pages)

Main brief (12 pages)

Annex (12 pages)


Country climate profile – Tanzania

Summary (2 pages)

Main brief (12 pages)

Annex (12 pages)


Southern African Risk and Vulnerability Atlas

Executive summary (English) (28 pages)

Executive Summary (Portuguese) (28 pages)

Full report (English) (202 pages)

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How can climate information build a resilient Malawi? Report of a panel discussion