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Taking stock and looking forward: UMFULA’s annual meeting and stakeholder events in Malawi

Taking stock and looking forward by Kulima on Exposure

New paper on the Vulnerability, Impacts, Adaptation and Climate Services Advisory Board with inputs from Kulima

VIACS paper

A paper on the role of the Vulnerability, Impacts, Adaptation and Climate Services Advisory Board (VIACS AB v1.0) and its contribution to CMIP6 has been published in Geoscientific Model Development. CMIP6 is the mechanism for comparing global climate models. The VIACS advisory board represents the researchers who use climate information as one input to analyse vulnerability, impacts and adaptation. The aim is to inform the CMIP6 impact model outputs by highlighting priority variables. Dr Katharine Vincent is a member of the VIACS Advisory Board and a co-author on the paper.  

Kulima directors contributing to new SADC Climate Risk and Vulnerability handbook

SADC_R&V_handbookDr Katharine Vincent and Ms Tracy Cull are working with CSIR to produce a second edition of the popular publication Climate Risk and Vulnerability: A handbook for southern Africa (also available in Portuguese). The first edition presented novel high resolution climate projections (produced through both statistical and dynamical downscaling), vulnerability, impacts and adaptation, including case studies from across the region. It was also used in customised training courses in Mozambique, Zambia, Namibia and Zimbabwe. The second edition will provided updated climate projections, sector-based impacts and responses, and new sections interrogating climate policy, the linkages between adaptation and disaster risk reduction, and climate finance opportunities. 

Kulima director publishes blog on IPCC for CDKN

Katharine Vincent at ACDI eventFollowing participation in a panel discussion at the African Climate and Development Initiative of lead authors after the release of the contribution of Working Group 2 (on Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation) to the IPCC's Fifth Assessment Report, Dr Katharine Vincent wrote a blog which was published on CDKN's website.  Titled "Communicate both the IPCC findings and the process", in it she argues not only for improved communication of the findings and their implications for policy and practice, but also for critical discussions on the purpose, history and institutional structure of the IPCC, as well as the process for creating the assessment reports.  Since its release the WG2 Summary for Policymakers has been downloaded over 200,000 times.  Yesterday WG3 released its report on mitigation options.  The synthesis report, covering all three working groups, will be available in October 2014.

IPCC Working Group 2 releases its contribution to the Fifth Assessment Report

IPCC plenary 38Following plenary approval by the government members of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in Yokohama last week, Working Group 2 has released its contribution to the Fifth Assessment Report.  The Summary for Policymakers, and the underlying scientific and technical assessment, are now available. The report shows that effects of climate change are being felt worldwide and that more needs to be done to reduce risk if we are to avoid future negative consequences. Dr Katharine Vincent was a Lead Author on the Rural Areas chapter and the Technical Summary, and a Contributing Author to the Africa chapter, and Ms Tracy Cull was a Contributing Author to the Rural Areas chapter.

(Photo: P. Tschakert)

PROVIA releases guidance on assessing vulnerability, impacts and adaptation to climate change at COP 19

Provia guidanceMs Tracy Cull and Dr Katharine Vincent were part of an international author team, alongside colleagues from Syke, the Finnish Environment Institute, University of OsloStockholm Environment Institute and Global Climate Forum, who compiled the PROVIA guidance on assessing vulnerability, impacts and adaptation to climate change, which is being launched this week at a side event at COP 19 in Warsaw, Poland.  The guidance updates and improves existing guidance for assessing climate change vulnerability, impacts and adaptation, covering the range of available approaches, methods and tools; and is structured around the adaptation learning cycle.

Kulima authors finalise inputs to IPCC Working Group 2 report

IPCC LAM4The final draft of the IPCC Working Group 2 (Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation) report was submitted on Friday, with inputs from Kulima's directors.  Dr Katharine Vincent has served as a Lead Author on the Rural Areas chapter, and a Contributing Author to the Africa chapter, whilst Ms Tracy Cull has served as a Contributing Author to the Rural Areas chapter.  The draft will now undergo another round of government review prior to being finalised and released in 2014.  Dr Katharine Vincent is also a Lead Author on the Technical Summary for Working Group 2. 

Dr Katharine Vincent in Buenos Aires for IPCC Lead Authors Meeting

Dr Katharine Vincent is currently in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the 3rd Lead Authors Meeting of IPCC Working Group 2 on Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation.  Katharine is serving as a lead author on chapter 9 – rural areas, and a contributing author on chapter 22 – Africa.  Ms Tracy Cull is serving as a contributing author on chapter 9 – rural areas.  The Fifth Assessment Report will be forthcoming in 2014.

Dates announced for training courses in the CSIR-Kulima SADC capacity building project

Training course dates have just been announced for the USAID-funded project on Climate Risk and Vulnerability in Southern Africa, implemented by CSIR and Kulima.  The project aims to build the capacity of decision-makers across the SADC region to use weather and climate information in their decision-making.  Customised training courses are being developed, reflecting needs assessment visits undertaken in Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.  The first training course will take place in Maputo from 12-14 September, the second one will take place in Lusaka from 19-21 September, the third will take place in Harare from 25-27 September, and the fourth one will take place in Windhoek from 9-11 October.

Kulima contributes to PROVIA guidance on vulnerability, impact and adaptation assessment

Dr Katharine Vincent and Ms Tracy Cull have been part of the international team of scientific experts assembled to review the guidance on vulnerability, impact and adaptation assessments. The task comprises one of four work streams of PROVIA – Programme of Research on Climate Change Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation. The revised guidelines, which will be published in December 2012, will serve as a much needed update of earlier IPCC Guidelines, UNEP Handbook (1994 and 1996 respectively) and other publications. The first draft has gone out for international expert review and comments are sought from interested parties by 30th June 2012.