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Kulima director participating in Future Earth Water-Energy-Food cluster project dialogue

sugar farmingDr Katharine Vincent is in Johannesburg this week to participate in a policy dialogue as part of the Future Earth Water-Energy-Food cluster project, hosted by the Water Research Commission and the University of KwaZulu Natal. The dialogue aims to review how the nexus approach applies to different sectors in southern Africa and, in particular, to determine the role of the nexus approach to support implementation of regional activities and the Sustainable Development Goals. It also aims to identify trade-offs and policy gaps to suggest future issues related to the W-E-F nexus in Africa. The policy dialogue follows on from a technical workshop which will critically assess evidence and both information and capacity building needs for the W-E-F nexus. 

New paper on mainstreaming conservation agriculture in Malawi with inputs from Kulima

CA in MadagascarA paper entitled "Mainstreaming conservation agriculture in Malawi: Knowledge gaps and institutional barriers" is now available online in the Journal of Environmental Management. The paper highlights the ways in which conservation agriculture discourses play out at different levels of governance. It looks at the roles of different actors from both the government and non-government spheres, and how they affected the practice of conservation agriculture and the implications for sustainable land management. Dr Katharine Vincent is a co-author on the paper, which is is led by Professor Andy Dougill and colleagues at the University of Leeds, with Dr David Mkwambisi from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

CSAG and Kulima publish blog on Communities of Practice

COPsThe Climate Systems Analysis Group (CSAG) and Kulima Integrated Development Solutions have published a blog on communities of practice. The project "Integrated Climate Change Modelling and Policy Linkages for Adaptive Planning" looked at certain projects within the IDRC-funded Climate Change and Water programme. As part of the aim to bridge the knowledge gap between scientists and policy-makers and planners, the blog investigates the circumstances under which communities of practice arise and, in particular, how donors might be able to support their development.

Source: CSAG


Kulima director participating in CARIAA workshop on “stories of change” M&E method

CARIAA workshopDr Katharine Vincent is currently in Addis Ababa to participate in a workshop under the Collaborative Adaptation Research in Africa and Asia (CARIAA) programme. One of the core aims of CARIAA is to promote uptake of adaptation research by stakeholders in policy and practice, and so it is essential to monitor and evaluate the progress towards this. DECCMA and the three other projects within CARIAA are meeting, under the leadership of Adaptation at Scale in Semi-Arid Regions (ASSAR). The purpose is to develop a methodology to identify, understand, describe and document the change that is resulting from CARIAA research, capacity building and stakeholder engagement activities. The specific focus is on "stories of change" and how to build an innovative and participatory element into identifying, tracking and documenting stories of change on adaptation within the CARIAA projects.

Kulima director in Mozambique to develop Climate Change Plan of Action for the Health Sector

Mozambique workshopDr Katharine Vincent is in Maputo this week to faciltate a workshop attended by national and provincial level health representatives. In partnership with the Ministerio da Saude (Ministry of Health), the aim of the workshop is to develop a Climate Change Plan for Action for the Health Sector, as part of the sectoral implementation plan of Mozambique's National Climate Change Strategy. The Action Plan is intended to build on insights from a report resulting from earlier CDKN research undertaken by Kulima, in collaboration with Universidade Eduardo Mondlane and CSIR, into climate change, health, agriculture and disasters in Mozambique.


Kulima director in Zambia to support development of forest adaptation project

afromontane forestDr Katharine Vincent continues her trip in Zambia this week by working to support the development of a project concept note for submission to the Least Developed Countries Fund.  Zambia is participating in the development of a regional programme on forests, rangelands and climate change adaptation, first conceived of at a regional workshop hosted by FAO and SADC in Johannesburg in June 2013.  The programme includes aspects of policy and strategy harmonisation; the establishment of comparable information and data management systems and vulnerability assessments; transfer of adaptation technology to support forest protection and regeneration; and enabling climate-resilient livelihoods for forest-dependent populations.

AlertNet publishes story on Women and Climate Change

Alertnet has just published an article by Katie Murray that was written following an interview with Dr Katharine Vincent. The article, in the Climate Conversations series, entitled “Tune climate policy to women for real change“, highlights the gender differences in climate change impacts and abilities to adapt. ¬†Women tend to rely on natural resources – such as farming, and collecting water and firewood – more than men, which means that climate change affects them more directly. The article highlights the capacity for women to be agents of change, provided they are given a voice in decision-making (both in the household and within government).