Mozambique fieldworkDr Katharine Vincent is is Angoche, Mozambique this week to work with two teams from CARE around gender-sensitive Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis (GCVCA).  The teams were previously trained by Kulima in the use of the new gender-sensitive CVCA methodology as part of the BMZ-funded project on Engendering Disaster Risk Reduction. The Adaptation Learning Programme will be designing a GCVCA to further intial exploratory participatory research they have conducted in Nampula province; whilst a team from the CARE-WWF Alliance programme "Primeiras e Segundas" have chosen to use the GCVCA methodology to investigate livelihoods, vulnerability and resilience as part of a study for the Rockefeller Foundation.  Dr Katharine Vincent will be facilitating the fieldwork planning and preparation process for both teams in advance of their fieldwok in February.