Kulima is proud to be part of a new project : WISER Early Warnings for Southern Arica (EWSA). WISER EWSA takes place under the FCDO-funded Weather and Climate Information Services programme, and was launched on World Meteorological Day 2023.

The project is led by the National Centre for Atmospheric Science and University of Leeds in partnership with the South African Weather Service, Kulima Integrated Development Solutions, Zambia Meteorological Department, Mozambique National Meteorology Institute (INAM), the UK Met Office, UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Tyrsky Consulting, EUMETSAT and the World Meteorological Organisation.

Over the next two and a half years, WISER EWSA will focus on co-producing short-term weather updates around storms to socially disadvantaged urban populations. This will combine cutting edge nowcasting – a process whereby real-time satellite images over Africa are used to predict weather conditions over the next six hours – with user-focused early warning alerts.