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UNEP Adaptation Gap Report released with inputs from Kulima director

Adaptation Gap FlyerAt COP20 in Lima. Peru, the United Nations Environment Programme will today release the Adaptation Gap Report. The report focuses on finance, technology and knowledge gaps in developing countries that need to be addressed in order to enable effective adaptation. By releasing the report under the auspices of the UNFCCC, the intention is to support ongoing negotiations on adaptation aspects of the 2015 agreement, discussions on defining a global goal for adaptation, aspects of loss and damage, and the National Adaptation Plan process. Dr Katharine Vincent was a contributing author to chapter 4 on technology gaps, and reviewed various chapters in earlier drafts.

Adaptation Perspectives published with paper from Kulima

UNEP Risoe Centre has just released “Technologies for Adaptation: Perspectives and Practical Experiences” as part of its Technology Transfer Perspectives Series.  Dr Katharine Vincent, Ms Tracy Cull and Dr Alec Joubert contributed a paper entitled “Technology needs for adaptation in southern Africa: Does operationalisation of the UNFCCC and associated finance mechanisms prioritise hardware over software and orgware?”  This draws on Kulima’s experience in South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland, and argues that the UNFCCC and adaptation finance mechanisms inadvertently favour hardware (concrete infrastructure) over software (“soft skills” required to make behavioural and socio-cultural changes) and orgware (the institutional set-up and coordination mechanisms required to support the implementation of hardware and software).