What We Do

Kulima Integrated Development Solutions is a boundary organisation working within the field of climate change.  What this means is that we act as the interface between scientists and end-users, including policy-makers, practitioners and community members in both the public and private sectors).  Our role is facilitating a two way dialogue which ensures, on the one hand, that end-user needs are identified and effectively communicated to scientists.  On the other hand, Kulima works to make sure that relevant scientific information is communicated to end-users in a format that enables them to integrate it into their decision-making, and ultimately to adapt to climate change.

Kulima's thematic areas of expertise include:

The methods through which Kulima fulfils its role as a boundary organisation include:

The Director of Kulima is Katharine Vincent.  Katharine’s expertise is in the social dimensions of climate change especially vulnerability, adaptation and institutions and governance. Our focus is on southern and eastern Africa, but we have experience across the continent and internationally.

For more information on our past and present projects, follow the links to our themes and methods of work, or feel free to contact us for further information.