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Kulima director in Abidjan to present climate mainstreaming guidelines to AFDB

AFDB AbidjanDr Katharine Vincent is in Abidjan this week to present climate mainstreaming guidelines to the African Development Bank. Following the decision to screen all potential bank-funded projects for climate risks, the guidelines have been developed specifically for the water and sanitation sector to enable task managers to design climate-resilient projects that pass the screening process. In addition to climate-proofing investments, in order to also encourage the inclusion of upstream and downstream adaptation measures, the guideline contains information on climate finance sources that are available to cover costs of supplementary elements.

Kulima Director in Tunis to mainstream climate change in AfDB’s water and sanitation portfolio

African Development BankDr Katharine Vincent is in Tunis this week, working with the water and sanitation directorate at the African Development Bank to mainstream climate change into their portfolio. This assignment involves screening the current Africa-wide portfolio of water and sanitation projects for climate risks, and developing guidelines which must be followed in the development of future projects to ensure that their intended results will not be undermined by projected climate change, nor that they will inadvertently increase vulnerability. Training in the use of the developed guidelines will be provided to the relevant water and sanitation task managers at the end of the assignment.