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UMFULA publishes a variety of outputs relating to climate information

understanding model outputsAt its annual meeting and stakeholder events last week in Malawi, UMFULA published a number of outputs relating to climate information. Climate briefs were presented for both Malawi and Tanzania, in which future climate projections are highlighted, based on 34 global climate models used by the IPCC (CMIP-5). As well as the main brief, there is also a 2 page summary for policy-makers, and an annex for more technical readers. In addition a guide was published on "How to understand and interpret global climate model results". This accompanies an earlier guide on "Climate models: what they show us and how they can be used in planning". There is also "Climate Risk and Vulnerability: A Handbook for Southern Africa", which was launched by CSIR and Kulima in October.

Kulima and CSIR present training course in Zambia as part of SADC Climate Risk and Capacity project

Dr Katharine Vincent and Ms Tracy Cull, together with Ms Claire Davis from CSIR, are presenting a 3-day training course on the use of weather and climate information in decision-making in Lusaka.  The training course forms part of the SADC-regional project, funded by USAID, on Climate Risk and Capacity, which released a recent handbook with new high resolution climate projections and information on impacts and adaptation in the region.  Following a process of needs assessment in March, the course will be attended by national government decision-makers, including technical staff from a number of ministries, and selected NGO representatives. This marks the second course in the series, following Mozambique last week.

Kulima participates in SARVA portal theme convenors meeting in Cape Town

Dr Katharine Vincent is in Cape Town for the quarterly SARVA portal theme convenors meeting.  The SARVA portal is an electronic spatial data poertal designed to accompany the South African Risk and Vulnerability Atlas.  Kulima contributes information on the use of weather and climate information to the Weather and Climate Theme.  The portal is currently undergoing structural revisions in order to make it more accessible to a variety of end-users.

SADC Climate Risk and Vulnerability Handbook launched by CSIR, Kulima and CSAG

The Climate Risk and Vulnerability Handbook for Southern Africa is now available for download. Hard copy versions will be available for purchase from www.kalahari.com.  The handbook, produced by CSIR, Kulima and the Climate Systems Analysis Group as part of the USAID-funded SADC Climate Risk Capacity Building project, will be used in forthcoming training courses across the region.  It is structured according to four key questions dealing with observations of past, current and future climate, the likely impacts of such climate changes in key sectors and how countries in the SADC region might begin to deal with these risks and potential adverse impacts.  Case studies profile a range of activities by a variety of organisations to manage climate risks in southern Africa.