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Kulima director in Stellenbosch for UNESCO MOST Sustainability School

Stellenbosch wine farmsDr Katharine Vincent is in Stellenbosch this week at the UNESCO Sustainability School. The school is part of UNESCO’s Management of Social Transformations Programme, and is one of a number of such schools that has been held around the world. With the theme “Promoting Interdisciplinary research in project management, policy research and public policy development”, the school is bringing together researchers and government officials from across southern Africa at the Stellenbosch Sustainability Institute.  Katharine will be presenting on the importance of gender-responsiveness in sustainability for policy and practice.

Routledge offers open access to selected journal articles in celebration of World Environment Day

To celebrate World Environment Day, held on 5th June, Routledge has created the Climate Change Collection, a selection of top articles concerning climate change, the carbon footprint, global warming and global sustainability.  These papers, which normally require a subscription to access, will be freely available until 31st July 2011.