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Kulima facilitating validation workshop for the ECOWAS Disaster Risk Reduction Gender Strategy and Action Plan

Dr Katharine Vincent is in Dakar this week to facilitate the validation workshop for the ECOWAS Disaster Risk Reduction Gender Strategy and Action Plan 2020-30. In partnership with Cowater International and the GFDRR, Katharine has been leading a team to draft the strategy and action plan. This is aligned with the Sendai Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction and the existing ECOWAS Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy, together with relevant international and continental gender commitments, and has been based on international good practice and priorities identified through consultations with government and non-government stakeholders in the ECOWAS Secretariat and among the 15 Member States.

Kulima undertaking consultations with RECs to mainstream gender into DRR strategies

In the last two weeks, Dr Katharine Vincent has visited two of Africa's Regional Economic Commissions – the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in Gaborone and the Economic Commission of West African States (ECOWAS) in Abuja. The consultations took place as part of a World Bank-funded project led by Cowater Sogema to design Gender Strategies and Action Plans for disaster risk reduction in each region to ensure that ex-ante risk reduction and ex-post response and rehabilitation measures are gender-responsive. The purpose of the consultations was to undertake stakeholder mapping and design a consultation process and workplan to deliver the Gender Strategies and Action Plan.

Kulima participated in the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction to launch a project on mainstreaming gender into DRM plans

Dr Katharine Vincent was in Geneva last week, participating in the 4th World Reconstruction Conference as part of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction. The event marked an opportunity to launch a new project that Katharine is undertaking with Cowater Sogema and the World Bank to support Regional Economic Commissions in Africa to mainstream gender into their disaster risk reduction. Over the coming months, Katharine will lead a team of female gender, disaster and resilience specialists to support the Southern African Development Community (SADC), Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) to develop Gender Strategies and Action Plans that ensure disaster risk reduction activities are gender-responsive.