Monthly Archives: December 2013

Happy Holidays from Kulima Integrated Development Solutions

Happy HolidaysDr Katharine Vincent and Ms Tracy Cull would like to wish all their partners and colleagues Happy Holidays. The office of Kulima Integrated Development Solutions will remain open over the festive season, with the exception of public holidays. We look forward to working with your again in 2014.

Kulima director in Zambia to integrate climate change and gender into economic policy research

Zambia bikesDr Katharine Vincent is currently in Lusaka, working with the DFID-funded Zambia Economic Advocacy Programme to identify opportunities to consider climate change and gender implications of planned economic policy research.  Zambia Economic Advocacy Programme is working with a number of Zambian economic policy research institutes to fund research that can inform economic policy, and advocacy for economic policy changes within the country.  Identifying think tanks and advocates for the research findings, including in the climate change and gender spheres, is another important component of the project. 

Kulima director in Maxixe to plan a gender-sensitive Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis

focus group HomoineDr Katharine Vincent is currently in Maxixe, Mozambique to work with a team from CARE to design a gender-sensitive Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis (GCVCA).  The GCVCA will be conducted by a team of participatory qualitative researchers from CARE who were recently trained by Kulima in the use of the new gender-sensitive CVCA methodology as part of the BMZ-funded project on Engendering Disaster Risk Reduction.  The results of the GCVCA will be used to inform CARE's future programming around Early Child Development and sanitation and hygiene.